Kenneth M. Cruikshank
Emeritus Faculty: Past Research

Kenneth M. Cruikshank
Emeritus Faculty: Past Research

Categories of Projects


Structural Geology

Numerical simulation of high-amplitude folding Numerical simulation of duplex structures Fracture mechanics of joints and faults Joint patterns at Arches National Park Role of fractures in arch formation Folds near Roseburg, Oregon Kink-like fold in the Oregon-Idaho graben Fractures in the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.



Pattern of Strain release from 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake Surface Deformation - 1994 Northridge Earthquake Surface Deformation - 1992 Landers Earthquake Surface Deformation - 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

Dodson Image


Gravity and Magnetic Surveys in Portland and Eastern Oregon

Dodson Image

Landslides and Debris Flow

Numerical modeling of debris flows in rectangular channels D996 Dodson Debris Flow Stability of Borax Lake Engineering Geology of Newell Canyon



Paleontology in NW New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Geology Department

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