Kenneth M. Cruikshank
Emeritus Faculty: Current Research

Kenneth M. Cruikshank
Emeritus Faculty: Current Research

This briefly describes some ongoing projects.

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Earthquake Energy

Using strain patterns to estimate the amount of stored elastic strain energy in the crust, and the "earthquake cycle" from an energy storage-release perspective.

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Deformation at Convergent Margins

The primary focus is on the Cascadia convergent margin. I have been working with Dr. Curt Peterson on coastal deformation, and using continuously operating GPS stations to determine the deformation patterns at convergent margins.

Northridge PC Plots

Analysis of Patterns of Earthquakes

Using data analysis methods to examine the spatial and temporal relationships of earthquake sequences.

Stresses near a fracture tio

High-Amplitude Folding and Faulting of Viscous Layers

Using data numerical methods to solve mixed fracture/flow problems relevant to foling and faulting.

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